Export service process

Export business

1. Export business includes: export proceeds; export permit.
2. Letter of credit; TT, L/P and other billing methods are accepted.
3. Assist clients for export write-off and tax rebate procedures.
4. All kinds of export-related approval, quotas and permits.
5. Export commodity inspection, export goods insurance and so on.
6. Acting for all kinds of export-related documents

Acting for all kinds of export-related documents

Acting for all kinds of export-related documents Export agent for various of trade
Various types of origin certificate (CO, FormA/E/F)
General trade and advertising goods export
International commercial affairs certification and embassy certification Exit repair goods and leasing trade
Export inspection and export license Export processing zones and export bonded areas business
Dual-use items and technology export license Import/export processing business
Certificate for medical equipment products export sales Temporary import and export goods and entry and exit exhibits
Record for software product export contract ATA certificate export

How to commission our company for exports

1. First of all, you need to determine the export orders with your foreign businessman (and domestic users);
2. We should sign an export cooperation record;
3. Your foreign businessman should send the foreign exchange remittance to our account or let him/her issue the letters of credit to our designated bank;
4. When our company received the foreign exchange remittance, we will pay to the supplier in accordance with your payment instructions, and at the same time, the supplier will provide the corresponding value-added tax invoices to our company;
5. When the goods are prepared, please give us the relevant goods information (including the product gross weight, consignee, etc.), and then our company will book the cargo space. Once we get the warehouse notice, you will be informed to delivery;
6. When the goods are off-shore, our company will provide you with foreign customs clearance documents, including invoices, packing list, bills of lading, etc.;
7. After the end of the business, our company will list all actual costs to you and close the account with you.