Bonded business

Bonded business




Bonded logistics

Bonded warehouse

Spare parts for consignment;
Store processing trade goods;
Transshipment goods and international transit goods;
Material, maintenance parts for international sailing ships and aircraft.

If the outgoing goods of bonded warehouse are transited or returned outbound,operating enterprises of bonded warehouses or their agents declare the goods according to the general export process, but they shall not pay the export duty and provide the export license

Bonded Logistics Center (Type A)

Spare parts for consignment;
Store export goods;
Transshipment goods and international transit goods;
Material, maintenance parts for international sailing ships and aircraft;

Parts entered into the territory from the logistics center for free maintenance of foreign products within the warranty period and compensated at no cost or material, maintenance parts for international sailing ships and aircraft will be exempted from customs duties and taxes collected by the customs

Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

Bonded logistics park

Entrepot trade;
International transit;
Product showcase;
International procurement, distribution and delivery;
Storage of import and export goods and other goods that have not been closed for customs clearance;
carrying out simple circulation and value-added services;

If the enterprises in the park are engaged in import and export trade outside the region and the goods actually will be not out of the park, it may handle the declaration formalities at the customs office or the customs at the actual port of entry and exit of the goods at the place where the consignee is located.

Bonded area

It has the functions of export processing, entrepot trade, commodity display, storage and transportation.

1.The machinery, equipment and other materials needed for the productive infrastructure in the area shall be exempted from duty   
2.The production, management equipment and reasonable quantity of office supplies and necessary maintenance spare parts for enterprises in the area , fuel for production, materials and equipment needed for the construction of plant and warehouse facilities shall be exempted from duty;
3.Export duties shall be exempted when the corners of the finished products of the processing enterprises are shipped out of the country

Export supervised warehouse

Carry out storage, bonded goods distribution, and conduct liquidity value-added services like quality inspection, classification, sorting and repacking, printing transportation signs and changing packaging in the warehouse;

If the goods entering the warehouse are to be replaced due to the quality, the same goods can be replaced by the same value, quantity, etc.;Goods flow can be carried out between bonded processing zones and other bonded logistics areas.

There are Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and Yangshan Free Trade Port Area in Shanghai. For FCL special goods, customs clearance is longer or can not be controlled, so declaration can be made inside the bonded area in order to reduce the cost at the port.