Financial support

o Tax refund financing

1. Introduction:
Provide customers with export tax refund financing services, so that customers can get funding prior to the IRS paying the tax refund  to speed up customer cash flow;Increase the current cash inflows, thereby improving the financial situation and improving the financing capacity so as to solve the cash flow problems  of customer in the export trade due to long application time for tax refund.
2. Service description:
     (1)Unlimited amount。The amount of financing for the business and the number of financing orders are unlimited.
     (2) Fast Loans.After meeting the application conditions, the tax refund can be paid to the customer account within five working days, which effectively improves the client's financial situation.
     (3) Simple operation procedure.Like domestic trade, there is no need to go through a lengthy tax review period and cumbersome bank loan applications.
     (4) The application is simple. For Zanchen customers, if the products, ports and suppliers of them do not involve tax sensitive, they can apply for it.
3. Charges:
     The financing rate is 2% / month,we shall charge financing and management fee of 6% of the total tax refund (maximum 8%).

o Tariff financing

1. Introduction:
     A way of financing when the customer needs to pay the tariff and VAT on the import of the goods, Zanchen puts forward the application of the funds to the relevant bank for the payment of the tariff because of the shortage of the funds of the customer.This will facilitate the turnover of customers and reduce the large amount of late fees, container detention charge and demurrage charge due to the temporary shortage of funds.
2. Service description:
     (1)Finace according to import duties and VAT by 50% maximum, and the maximum amount is RMB 500,000 RMB each transaction.
     (2)The customer will not be able to pick up the goods until the related financing costs is paid.
     (3)This will facilitate the turnover of customers and reduce the large amount of late fees, container detention charge and demurrage charge due to the temporary shortage of funds.

o Foreign exchange hedging

1. Introduction:
     Forward foreign exchange hedging is a service that Zanchen, entrusted by small and medium enterprises,  signs a forward foreign exchange settlement agreement with the bank, stipulate foreign exchange currency, amount, exchange rate and delivery date of  future settlement or sale, and shall apply to the bank for settlement or sale  in accordance with the agreement upon expiration. The business is an option transaction and requires a margin of deposit of 10% according to the current exchange rate.
2. Service description:
     (1)The exchange rate is locked ahead of time to avoid the risk of currency fluctuation.
     (2)Standard term of forward transactions are divided into 7 days, 20 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, five months, 6 months, seven months, eight months, 9 months, 10 months, 11 months, 12 months.
     (3)The cost and profit is locked ahead of time, which is beneficial to enterprise cost and profit accounting. After the profit is locked, the enterprise can rest assured to take more orders.
3. Charges:
     The relevant fees are charged according to the relevant rates of the bank. No additional fees are charged;
     Bank deposit: in accordance with the provisions of the bank pay, here specify:
     Bank deposit=Amount of the transaction*Forward foreign exchange prices*The risk factor of each transaction


US dollar forward exchange settlement risk trade of each transaction

1 month to 3 months


4 months to 6 months


7 months to 1 year


o Credit financing

1. Introduction:
    Letter of credit loans.The letter of credit received as the payment credential and the collateral, Zanchen applies for pre-shipment financing to the bank to pay the cost of production or purchase of goods and other expenses as per customer demand.
2. Service description:
     (1)Only to pay 30% of the deposit to get the full amount of payment of goods. Leveraged effect solves the problem of export funds.
     (2)Banks pay for goods in advance, thus speeding up capital turnover.
     (3)Zanchen applies the finance to the bank,  simplifying the customer financing procedures.
     (4)Relying on Zanchen's credit in the bank, line of credit of customers will be assessed by Zanchen, more flexible and convenient.
3. Charges:
     The financing rate is 2% / month. If the financing time is less than one month, we charge it by one month. More than one month, we charge it by actual days spent.

o Loan financing

1. Introduction:
     Liquidity loan refers to the loan that is required to meet the short-term capital demand of the customer in the production and operation process and ensure the normal operation of the production and business activities.As a kind of efficient and practical financing means, the liquid capital loan is one of the most popular products in the credit line. It has the characteristics of short loan term, simple procedure, strong turnover and low financing cost.
2. Service description:
     (1) It can be divided into one year or less short-term working capital loans and one to three years of medium-term working capital loans according to the loan period;
     (2)It can be divided into secured loans and credit loans according to the loan , of which guarantee loans is divided into guarantee, mortgage and pledge and other forms;
     (3)It can be divided into short-term turnover loan based on individual application and borrow-use-repay short-term revolving loan within the time limited and quota of the bank according to the use-pattern;
     (4)The maximum duration of fluid capital loans is no more than 3 years;
3. Charges:
     We implement the policy of interest rate policy of the people's bank of China and the bank of China loan interest rate management.The interest rate can be adjusted by factors such as the borrower's credit, the amount of the loan, the term and the form of guarantee.