Commodity classification consultation

o Pre-classification agent

1. Introduction:
     When companies have questions or uncertainty about the customs code and regulatory conditions of their own import and export products, the relevant product information can be used through Zanchen to apply for pre-classify service from classification advisory department,facilitate the smooth import and export declarations and prevent the cost increase caused by product classification.
2. Service description:
     (1)The company shall provide relevant product information(Including product details, principles, pictures, samples,if necessary)
     (2)Processing time: 5-7 working days
3. Charges:Find more at:021-56168633

o Other special services

1. Consultation service:Provide advice on the import and export of various types of affairs;guide the registration of qualification of import and export enterprises,and conduct training on foreign trade and finance personnel of import and export enterprises。
2. SOHO agent:For  foreign trade business individuals(SOHO)from different industries, different types and different needs,we provide the packing service of trade negotiation, contract signing, import and export declaration, payment of remittance, freight forwarding and logistics integration.
3. Outsourcing services:We can provide professional operators to handle all import and export related issues for enterprises that have the right of import and export but have no relevant technical personnel.
4. Export processing zones/bonded areas:Provide one-stop services exporting to the export processing zones and bonded areas.
5. Duty exemption or reduction:we shall handle the statutory, temporary and special duty reduction and exemption according to the contents of Administrative Measures othe Administration of Duty-Free Import and Export Goods othe People's Republic of China
6. Repair items:Applicable to all types of import and export maintenance goods and the raw materials and parts used to repair the goods.
7. Temporary import and export:Applicable to goods approved by the Customs that temporarily import and export  and re-export  and re-import the country within the prescribed time limit.
8. Returned goods: Applicable to the goods returned outbound or inbound  in the original import and export due to the damage, shortage, poor quality, delay of delivery or other reasons.
9. Inbound and outbound exhibits: Imported or exported exhibits and exhibits related products, literature, hospitality, souvenirs and other items by foreign enterprises to China or Chinese enterprises to foreign countries for holding economy, culture, science and technology exhibition or attending fair
10. ATA Carnet:Through the Shanghai chamber of commerce, we help our clients to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.